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Benefits of Frankincense Essential Oils Since time immemorial, man has used essential oils for their therapeutic and healing properties. The oils are mainly sourced from leaves, roots and stems and have been used in aromatherapy for thousands of years. One of the essential oils you are likely to come across is known as frankincense. Sometimes, frankincense essential oil is referred to as olibanum. The oil has various benefits such as helping to relieve anxiety and stress, boosting immunity, reducing pain and inflammation and potentially helping to fight cancer. Frankincense oil comes from a resin of a tree that is indigenous to Somalia. The tree can survive in desolate conditions with very little soil. The origin of the word “frankincense” is “franc encens”, a French word that means quality. The essential oil is common in many religions of the past. For example, in Christianity, the oil was among the gifts presented to Jesus when He was born.
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Using Frankincense Oil You can use frankincense essential oil either by rubbing it on the skin to get absorbed or inhaling the oil. In most cases, the oil is mixed with a carrier oil like unscented jojoba oil or lotion. Many researchers believe that frankincense oil transmits messages to the brain, which in turn affects the nervous system. It is important to use frankincense oil only in small quantities. The essential oil can be toxic if taken in large quantities.
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Below are three benefits of frankincense essential oils: Eliminate Stress When rubbed on the skin, frankincense essential oil leads to a feeling of relaxation, peace and satisfaction. You can add a few drops of the oil in your bath to relive stress. Apart from this, the oil can be added to a vaporizer or oil diffusers to bring relaxation or fight anxiety. Some people also experience a higher spiritual intuition and connection when they smell the fragrance of the oil. Cleaning Uses Frankincense oil can also be used as a natural household cleaner. You can use the oil to eliminate viruses and bacteria from your home thanks to its antiseptic properties. The oil has also been found to be effective in cleaning indoor spaces. Frankincense plant is used as a natural deodorizer and can be burned to help disinfect an area. The other way in which you can use frankincense oil is as a diffuser to reduce indoor air pollution. Oral Hygiene You can also use frankincense for oral hygiene. Look for products that contain frankincense when buying oral hygiene products. The oil has been found to be effective in oral health management and can prevent diseases such as tooth decay, cavities and bad breathe. There are many types of products that have frankincense essential oil. Since the ingredient comes from a tree, you can be sure than using any products that have it will not lead to any side effects. To find the best products with frankincense essential oils, you have to research well.