I Knew Which Place I Wanted to Be My New Home After Seeing Photos


I had spent more time than I really had time for calling a bunch of different apartment places to see who had vacancies in an area of the city that I had been interested in living in. I finally stopped that and started looking online instead. The second website that I looked at was http://regencyatlookoutcanyon.com and I immediately knew that I wanted to live there. I should have started online searching in the first place because you can see from photos online whether you want to live there or not only seconds after looking through their photos. And after I saw the photos on the site, I wanted to live their badly!

After finding out there were two units available just 30 days after I called, I raced over to see what they looked like. I have been living in apartments long enough to know that you can’t mess around. If you don’t show up until the next day, you really need to expect that any available units may be gone by the very next day. You can’t take your time. You have to take it seriously and rush to see what is available before it is too late. So, I raced over there as soon as I hung up the phone. One of the employees showed me both units, and I told her right then and there that I wanted one of them. Luckily, they were both the same, and they both had the same great views. So, it was a very easy decision.

I like to have dinner parties, and the apartment that I used to live in was so cramped. But now, I have the use of a great clubhouse. It looks and feels like you’re inside a fancy club when you’re inside. There’s also a dog park with exercise equipment for dogs, too! I take my dog out there several times per week.